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The latest and most advanced CAD for Jewelry

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Jewelry and 3D go better together!

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RhinoGold has significantly reduced both the time and the cost to produce jewelry. There are just so many benefits to making a prototype out of RhinoGold and a 3d Printer compared to making one of out wax.

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Using RhinoGold has improved jewelry modeling significantly. TDM solutions has definitely modeled the interface of the program with a jeweler in mind.


The most advanced CAD for Jewelry

The greatest and most advanced tools to create bespoke jewelry together with the ease of Elements make RhinoGold 6 the right “way to go” for jewelry professionals

RhinoGold Elements®

Imagine. Choose. Combine. 3D Print

Browse within a pre-made library of thousand jewelry components and combine them to make a unique piece ready for 3D printing without the need of 3D experience.


Break The Walls. Make It Together

Create high-quality sculpted, embossed and brushed models inside Rhinoceros 5.0. The only Rhino 5.0 plugin with three different freeform technologies: SubD, Emboss and Sculpting.

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